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  • Slide Guided Rail Systems

    Haydon Kerk slide guided rails are available in the largest breath of sizes and types, many are available in motorized, non-motorized and guide only solutions for precision positioning. These value-priced assemblies are available in four different series of rail types, RGS, RGW, WGS, LRS and SRA/Z, each having different capabilities. Slide guided rails are available up to 2.4 meters (8 ft) in length, with a wide selection of leads yielding a load capacity range from 67N (15 lbs) to 445N (100 lbs).

  • Ball Guided Rail Systems

    BGS ball guided systems utilize a precision lead screw driving a carriage mounted upon a precision ball slide. This structure results in the most rigid and precise slide with excellent roll, pitch, and yaw characteristics. BGS rails are all motorized with an external hybrid actuator directly coupled to the lead screw. BGS load capacity ranges from 100N (22 lbs) to 1000N (225 lbs).

  • Linear Guide Element

    Kerk® Splines and Guide Rails and Bushings deliver high precision & stability, low friction and long life for a variety of linear motion applications. These are excellent economical alternatives where hex shafts and high-cost ball splines are typically used.